SNAPTU – Facebook,twitter,etc made aesy

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* Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications
* A fast and easy way to access the Internet on your phone
* Turns your existing phone into a cool Internet device
* Works on hundreds of phone models

Web applications, one application for all your facebook account, twitter, etc. mu. This application makes the most good for your FB:). Install immediately , download here : Download

Facebook Mobile

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Now is the time of his facebook, but if have to login from a computer or an Internet cafe? tired right?

Now with this facebook java application, we can log in FB from HP. With the GPRS connection would be cheaper than it cost him at the cafe: ‘s mobile facebook

facebook image1 Facebook Mobilefacebook image2 Facebook Mobilefacebook image3 Facebook Mobile

Download java facebook here : DOWNLOAD

Mafia Wars Yakuza – Mafia Wars 3

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mafia wars Mafia Wars Yakuza   Mafia Wars 3Mafia Wars 3 aka Mafia Wars Yakuza

Java Games based on Fight and strategy game, now you may play it on your phone. A Favourite game on facebook game. Application run on java mobile phone or symbian os.

compatible with lcd display 240×320 , also may fullscreen play.

You come from a humble Bronx family and begin your climb up through the mob’s chain of command, leaving a body behind on every step. You must train in the gym, get an education, and find a job to use as a cover for your illegal activities.

Once near the top, you can try and eliminate a rival family’s don and assume control of the nation’s most powerful crime family. The choice is yours but it won’t be easy. There are many others out there just like you, a poor Italian kid from the Bronx. Do you have what it takes? Will you become the Don of the most powerful family in the mafia? Only time will tell!! go to Download »

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